Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Buildup to Christmas......

How come I'm here, scrambling around getting organised for Christmas at the last minute?? Don't I know that Christmas is ALWAYS Dec 25. ALWAYS. EVERY. YEAR. It's not that I don't start thinking about it until now, it's just that's where it's stayed this year until now! And since I'm planning on MAKING some of the gifts I really need to get a move on :)

I took my sister in law to Freeport Outlet yesterday so she could get the last few gifts she needed. She's done so well! She has 40 to buy for and yesterday she got half a dozen and now only has 2 to get!

Tonight I'm going to get the journal jars done and make sure the journals and notebooks are all complete. I then have the mirrors to put transfers on. I have to make the nativity blocks for my bro in law and sis in law. I have other small gifts to wrap in cellophane. I hope that all these items are complete by tomorrow night (Wed). Then at the end of the week I have to get the candy bouquets done for my two 'little' bros in law. I'm also making framed quotes for my parents and David's parents. I really need to get everything out that I've already got and put them together in the boxes I'm using. Last year I made food gift sets for the couples and put them in woven hampers. Everyone LOVED them. So I'm making couple gifts again. This year I'm using cardboard storage boxes with lids and handles that I got in B&Q for an amazing 50p each!! The recipients can then reuse the boxes for whatever they want after Christmas. We all need storage right? I'll put tissue paper and paper shreds inside and then I'll wrap them in cellophane and add ribbons. I must remember to take a picture!

Talking of pictures, I will add picture of Zachary's school nativity once I put the pictures on the computer. David took the camcorder to Nathaniel's nativity so I'm not sure whether I can get a pic on here.

Yesterday I took delivery of a scrapbooking kit from QVC which was reduced to less than half price. I have another kit coming too, which was also less than half price. Today I took delivery of craft papers and sizzix dies from the Ellison Design website sale. 75% off!! Me and my friend, Lisa, put in a joint order. I told David how they now have one of the die cutting machines on there for 75% off and he said I could order it for Christmas from him (it won't get here until the new year though!) so did just that and popped some more dies on the order to make it up to the minimum order amount. Thanks David :)

Not sure whether I mentioned that I was doing secret santa for a friend. Well she caught me in the act delivering the very first gift! So it's no longer a secret, but still very fun :) Have some fun, cute ideas for the rest of the run up to Christmas :) And a cute Christmas gift for her from her class. Me and her classroom assistant are having to be sneaky to get part of it done. I'm post about it when it's done and put on a picture.

I am in charge of a craft table at the Ward Christmas party on Saturday evening. I've decided to have the children put together a little bag of reindeer food. They can combine all the 'ingredients' into a cello bag, add a ribbon and instruction tag. Should be easy to organise and supervise! And not expensive either!!

Well I'd better get on with the many projects that need starting/completing rather than just talking about them :)

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