Thursday, 6 December 2007

I've forgotten what my house looks like??

Yesterday (Wednesday) was such a full day that I didn't get a chance to update my blog so here I am, a day late! It's not that it's a particularly interesting life, just full sometime!!

The day started with me helping in Nathaniel's classroom. I helped the children paint the salt dough santas they had made. The children then went into the Hall to practice their Christmas Nativity Program. They are performing it next week and from what I saw they need a lot more practice!! There is only enough space in the hall for the children to have one ticket for a parent to attend. It falls on David's day off so I've told him to go as I get more opportunities than he does to see the children's performances. Nathaniel is in the music section, playing a triangle!

Zach's is tomorrow (Friday) which is David's day off this week and because it's only the nursery children both David and I can go. Zach is a King and I know he'll be cute!!

After school, Zachary went to Jannine's house to play with Sammy and I went home where I met my mom to go to Country Baskets. We had a bite of lunch first. We had a good walk around and managed to buy a few bits and pieces for Christmas. I bought this lovely Nativity figurine.

It's made of resin to look like wood. It stands about 10 inches high. It only cost about £4.00 ($8). I do really like the Willow Tree Nativity but that's way out of my price range at the moment! So the one I bought will do just fine for now :) I also bought a couple of gorgeous framed pictures which were reduced from £6.95 to £1.50!! They are still in the car so I'll take pics later! My mom got me another couple of fun, cute pictures for my kitchen to put away for Christmas. I'll be sure to post pics of those later (after Christmas obviously:) )

I got back from Country Baskets and went and collected Nathaniel from school and went to Jannine's for dinner. David was working til late and Jannine's husband, James, has been getting home from work lately too. So we had dinner together and the children had a chance to play. I'm so glad that my boys have such lovely friends!! As a parent I always worry that they'll have good friends and so far they have chosen well!! :)

After dinner I left Nat and Zach with Jannine while I took her oldest 2 boys to church for the primary achievement night Christmas party. All the children were very wired and we were exhausted by the time we'd finished!! I took Jannine's boys back home and picked up my two. They were all ready in their PJ's after Jannine had bathed them with her little boy. That was such a help!! We got back to my house at about 8.30pm. When the boys were told to walk up to bed they ran up the stairs and both were acting silly and quickly turned the lights on and off....... and blew the fuse. The house as plunged into darkness! So David had to scramble around to find a flashlight and then went into the cupboard under the stairs to find the fusebox. Unfortunately ours is an old electric wiring system and instead of the normal fuses it has the old-fashioned fuse wire. Which of course we didn't have spare of. David suggested stripping the wire out of the ties that come with sandwich bags, but of course all the sandwich bags I have are ziplock ones! Well I put the boys to bed in the dark then lit some tealight candles. I then took off to Asda to see if they sold fusewire (which we didn't think they'd have) and if not get some sandwich bags with the ties. I also bought a few cheap lamps (which are quite nice actually!) as the sockets in the house were working so we could use those. I got back home at about 10pm and David looked at the sandwich bag ties and found the wire in them was too short! I then had a brainwave and remembered in my craft collection I had some decorative ties and they were actually long enough! Hurrah!! So David worked his magic and shortly after we had light again!!

What a day!! Nothing exciting or particularly newsworth, but that's the stuff my life is made of :) I'll update again later today with today's happenings and thoughts which hopefully will be less hectic (although my voice is very croaky and disappearing by the minute, grrr)

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