Friday, 14 December 2007

Time Flies

Wow, Just Wow!! It's Friday already! And only 1 more full week before Christmas. And being the creative rather than organised type, I'm not at all ready. Yes, I've got a head full of ideas etc, but that's where they still are - in my head! But this week has just been soooo busy. In fact, I bought a sewing machine last week and haven't even had chance to take it out the box to look at.

So what have I done this week? It's all blurred into one it seems. Nathaniel came home from school on Monday afternoon as he had a bad cough. He stayed off school on Tuesday too as he still was coughing. I spent most of Tuesday at the Browns getting ready for our shopping evening we were having on Wednesday evening. I also packed up 12 packages of items I'd sold on ebay. David was off work on Wednesday and Thursday so we ran essential errands like grocery shopping. Wednesday night I had the shopping evening at the Browns. I'd spent 10 hours earlier in the week making decorated notebooks to sell, along with other goodies!

Last night we had our RS Christmas meal out. We went to the Toby Carvery for a roast dinner. Yum!! All those delicious veggies and potatoes! I had turkey but could quite easily have enjoyed it with no meat at all! There was only 12 of us there, but we still had fun and enjoyed each others' company. We really do have an awesome group of women in RS - women who I would choose to be friends with and associate with even if we weren't at church together.

David went to Nathaniel's nativity play at school yesterday and I went today as they hadn't given us both tickets to the same performance!! Zach is playing with Sammy upstairs this afternoon so I can get on with some secret santa gifts I want to get ready.

I've realised that this post is probably as jumbled as my head at the min, lol!! I have lots to do before Christmas as I don't feel organised. Must write it all down! I still haven't mailed Christmas stuff to the States yet so it will probably be late now!!

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