Saturday, 8 August 2009

Charity Shop (Thrift) buys

Sometimes I got to various charity shops and find nothing to buy. Other times I go and find things that I like. And on vary rare occasions I go and LOVE what I buy. They make me giddy. I know that I might be rare in feeling like this, lol. Well I went into a nearby town yesterday and feel like I hit the jackpot with my purchases. I was giddy.

Firstly, I found these brand new and in box jam jars (8 oz size) and pack of gingham patterned lids from Lakeland. They would have cost £8.50 from Lakeland, but I paid £2.00. The lady in the shop said that she'd only put them out on the shelves about a half hour before. I'm thinking of making some homemade salsa and putting them in the jars for gifts. What do you think?

Then I went into a different town and visited a number of charity shops. None of them had anything that really grabbed me UNTIL I got to about the 4th shop. I headed to the book section and found some great crafting books and one in particular had me drooling. It was this book. It is written by Korean designers and is so stylish and inspirational. It's never been used and still has the paper patterns attached to the back. It's one of those books you could stroke all day, lol. It cost me a measely £1.49. I'll definitely be trying to make some of the bags and possibly skirts from this book (the skirts are all written for a size 4 (!!!) so will have to be adapted). There were a few other books (knitting and such) but I didn't think I'd actually use them so left them on the shelves).

After paying for my book and heading towards the door something else caught my eye and had me squealing with delight (internally!). It was a brand new Amy Butler pattern. Now Amy Butler is hard to come by in this country. You generally have to order them from the States and get them delivered. So to find a NEW one in a charity shop is just unheard of!! This pattern makes a layered skirt, an A-line skirt and apron overlay. The possibilities are just mouthwatering!! And the patterns have the directions for sizes US4 up to a US 18-20. So I can make them for anyone, any size!! How fab!! And once again it cost me £1.49. They cost $15.99 in the US and I managed to find 2 on for £8.95 and £8.75. So another fab bargain.

Today we ventured to another nearby town, just to get out in the sun really. We had a walk around the shops and I popped into what must have been the most expensive charity shop ever! Mmmm, dresses for £14.99, shirts for £7.99? I don't think so! And bizzarely priced pillowcases. One pair of pretty white cotton pillowcases with embroidery along one edge and fancy edging cost £3.99. Then a plainer pair cost £5.99 and a totally plain pair cost £7.99!! And some small tablecloths were £9.99!! Forget that! I saw a beautiful cotton sheet with a pretty floral pattern that I thought could be transformed intoa skirt or a little girls dress cost £5.99. As much as I loved it, I couldn't bring myself to pay that price so I left it on the shelf. As I was leaving I heard an old lady speaking to some of the shop assistants about what a lovely shop it was. I was so tempted to say 'I should think so at these prices', but I managed to hold my tongue, lol.

So have you bought anything exciting lately??

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