Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Market Bargains

As much as I try not to buy new things (I'm trying to be thrifty and shop at charity shops as much as I can), sometimes you can get better deals elsewhere. I was visiting the market in our little town today and came upon a jewellry stall. There were a few people flocking around so I went over for a nosey (as I do!). The lady on the stall was selling all items for 60p each (about a dollar). The jewellry is ex-chain store stock. The original prices were on them (cheapest was about £2 up to about £10). Well I love accessories and figure I needed some more! So this was my little haul. I'm thinking they would also be great to buy for gifts and put in little boxes.

I love this large silver heart on a long chain. The earrings aren't from the same store but match well enough! And the other necklace looks very classy (it's silver plated)
The stones in this necklace are a vibrant pink. Again the earrings are from a different store but will match okay.
These were hard to photograph! The beads on them both are the purple color as on the earrings. The colours kept coming out skewey when I took the pics!
2 strings of beads, one black, one white and a set of stretchy bracelets.
The metal butterfly on the left hand necklace is quite large and has a good weight to it. On the right are 2 strings of green beads.
Lovely turquoisey blue beads and a pair of orange/red earrings.
So all that for £7.80 as apposed to the original price of $53.00


Jen M said...

Ooh, what lovely bits!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Joanne, thanks for joining the party & for reading. So nice to meet you all the way over there in England. Blogging opens up a whole new world.

sharie said...

I love picking up costume jewellery too! Good finds