Friday, 14 August 2009


This will probably not be very exciting for other people! But I want to keep a tally of what I spend (and what on!) just to see where the money goes! It will be interesting just to see how much gets spent on clothes etc throughout the space of a year.

Today we went into Wakefield and I bought a goalkeepers top (football/soccer) for Nathaniel for 50p and a Ferrari F1 tshirt for Zachary (also 50p). I went into the hospice charity shop as they were having a half price sale on all clothes. I bought myself a pair of brown linen cropped trousers and a white with cream and brown striped shirt (go together nicely as an outfit, probably for work). Both items cost a total of £2.88! So that's £3.88 spent today.

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Bill said...

It sounds as if you found some wonderful bargains! I think your idea of keeping a tally of expenditures sounds interesting. I'm not sure I could be that organized, and I feel certain it would be shocking to see how much my little thrift/estate sale bargains would add up to over time!

Looking forward to reading more of your thrifty adventures!

Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements