Friday, 30 November 2007

Having Pictures Taken

If you know me, you'll know I hate having my picture taken. Some people are just not photogenic and I'm one of those! Plus, I'm not a skinny minny anymore (I blame the kids!) and am not particularly happy with the way I look. The picture at the side is quite an old one, taken before the kids were born (as evidenced by the non-haggered look!). I really don't have any recent ones so have decided my project this week is to try and get a decent picture of myself and put it on here (I wouldn't want to scare anyone! lol ). [eta: i've since changed the picture on my profile and it's now one I took this weekend. with my woolly hat on and glasses that I don't normally wear!]

I did find these two pictures. One is at my parents two years ago. That is my grandad Charlie at one side and Nathaniel at the other. I look a little startled. But I guess that's what happens when you are happily eating your dinner and someone sticks a camera in your face and starts clicking (yes dad, I think that was you!). The other picture is either last year or the year before at the primary Christmas party. I was helping Zach with pass the parcel. Nathaniel is on the left side of me. Gosh, you think his mother would have gotten his haircut!! So these are the least scary pics I have of myself. If your eyes are bleeding, don't sue me! :) You have been warned! Plus, remember I have to see that everyday in the mirror! Pity me :)

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KarliSue said...

I think you are beautiful!