Thursday, 29 November 2007

Run of the mill day........

My sister in law, Caitlin, is in hospital with possible kidney stones. She is pregnant with her first child so I was relieved to hear that her hospital stay was not related to the pregnancy! I was going to visit her, along with our friend Jannine, but they closed the ward to visitors due to a sickness bug that's going round. Poor Cait's been stuck in hospital without visitors! Luckily they allowed her husband in after 6pm!

Jannine picked Zach up from nursery at 11.20 and took him to play with Sammy. That mean't that David and I could go out shopping without the distraction of children! We went to Freeport (a shopping outlet) for when it opened at 10am. I went into the Next clearance shop and was excited to see that all children's clothing was £2 or less. However, there was racks and racks and racks of girls clothes and baby clothes and one tiny rack of boys clothes that consisted of a bunch of ugly yellow polo shirts. How typical! You can guarantee that if I had girls then they would only have had boys clothes!! I got a few baby items (a couple for girls and a couple for boys since I don't know what Cait's having) as they were too cute to resist. The total price should have been £36 and I got them for £8 and anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE a bargain!! Seriously, there's no bigger thrill :) They had some totally gorgeous little girl dresses. White cotton ones - plain white cotton layer underneath, white broderie anglais style layer over the top with a wide belt. Reduced from £22 to £2 !! Got two age 6 ones for my friend for her twin nieces birthdays. When I got home I wished I'd bought more of the cute girls clothes to put on ebay. I'm now tempted to go back tomorrow but I don't think I'll have time!

After Freeport we went to the farm shop at Hemsworth and got some groceries. Picked up some lunch and then called by another grocery store to get some milk and bread that we couldn't get at the farm shop.

We then went back and picked up Zach from Jannine's. He loves to play over there. Sammy is coming over in the morning to play as nursery is closed so that the new starters can go in and visit. Jannine and I didn't realise this until today. Neither of us remember any letter or note home about it. I'm sure they never sent one out.......

Got a few chores done this evening but am going to do most of it tomorrow. Luckily Zach and Sammy play really well together and so I'm free to get things done.

If anyone is reading this and has stayed awake up til this point, well done! :) I know this is not an exciting post, but this is what real life is like :)


KarliSue said...

I like hearing about your daily life.
I also enjoy a good bargin!!! I love the thrill of getting something for a good deal. I acutally like going to second hand stores and fixing items up i.e. clothes, furniture, etc.. Just whatever. It is never worth paying full price for something if you can find something similar on sale!! I hope Caitlin feels better soon! I can't imagine having Kidney stones and being pregnant at the same time. That just doesn't seem fair. I hope you have a great day and I will talk to you soon.

Jen M said...

The boys' clothes thing - I KNOW!! And it's not even just Next Clearance, it's everywhere. Go to Asda and the girl's sale rail takes up an entire aisle, both sides. The boys' rack? About 2 yards if you're lucky, and that includes ages newborn to 14 years! Grrrr.