Friday, 30 November 2007

too much time on my hands (or 'i'm bored')

David's playing on the xbox360 with Nat and Zach and I'm tinkering away on the laptop.......

Anyway, I wa
nted to share some cool pictures with you. I love old pictures, especially of family. So prepare for a visual feast :)

First up here is a picture of my maternal grandparent
s. My grandma passed away when I was at BYU but my grandad is still going strong at the age of 87. I LOVE this picture. There's something about it that just attracts me if you know what I mean! Not sure what year this is from, but i LOVE it!!

Next up we have a picture of my paternal grandma. When my dad was little his
family emigrated to Canada. There were there for a few years but then had to come back because my grandad got sick and couldn't afford treatment there. This picture is from Canada. My grandma is still alive and my boys go visit her every Saturday. My dad is the little boys stood by the tree.

Now, b
race yourself! This one is of me and my twin sister Claire when we were little with my dad. Not sure where we were. On holiday somewhere. This is really just to embarrass my dad :) I'm the one on the left with the little off the shoulder number!

And we can't leave the rest of the family out can we. This is my little sister (well she's now 25) Helen. Can you see why we occasionally called her 'mushroom head'. How cruel were we? She was actually a very cute little girl and has grown into a beautiful woman!

And one of my mom when she was a young thing. Look how skinny she is and she'd had twins!!

here's a recent one of the old folks. Don't look too bad still huh?!?

And here is a recent one of Helen....

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KarliSue said...

Okay I love this blog! It is so much fun looking at pictures! I love the first one of your grandparents there is just this movie star feel to it. I had no idea you were a twin. How many brothers and sisters do you have? I also wanted to let you know I love your new profile picture!!