Saturday, 24 November 2007

I'm finally getting back to full heath, yeah :)

David was at work today and Nat and Zach went to my mum and dads. I managed to get quite a bit done too which was great as I'd been on a go-slow recently! I ran some errands, went to my MIL's to sort out a flyer for a bag-a-bargain shopping event we are hosting on Dec 12th. I also spoke to Helen for a little while which was fun :)

This afternoon I decided to pop along to Country Baskets to grab a roll of cellophane to wrap my Christmas gifts. Well manic is too mild a word to describe it! I've never seen it so busy, but usually I go during the week and never so close to Christmas! The car park was totally full so we had to wait until someone left before we could get a space. I managed to get my cellophane and a few other bits and pieces. There's always something to buy there!!

I didn't write about the very excellent Thanksgiving meal I had on Thursday night at Deb's house. There was over 30 of us there! Mad!! It was a fun evening with great food and even greater company! And I got to talk to Sam in New Zealand which was wonderful!! So 'hi' Sam if you ever look on here! I wish Cait could have gone but I think she was too tired after work to make it.

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