Friday, 30 November 2007

A Welcome Change of Plan

David went off to work this morning before me and the kids got up. I managed to drag myself out of bed (I LOVE my bed - being warm and cosy) and got Nathaniel ready for school. Zach didn't have nursery today so was having Sammy over to play. I was just about to leave the house at 8.45 when who should arrive at the door but David! He had 'won' two holiday days from work in a prize draw and had taken today and tomorrow off! Yeah!

So we decided to take Zach and Sammy out and get some fresh air rather than sit in the house. So we decided to go back to Freeport and get more bargains! I got lots of delicious girls' clothes (plus the only age 6 boys' shirt they had for Nat - very cool it was too, reduced from £16 to £2 :) ). When I got home I calculated that I'd spent £50 for £336 pounds worth of clothes. Very happy with that! Some are for gifts and other people's kids etc.

Sammy and Zach were so well behaved. David took them into the toy shop and bought them Power Ranger style light up laser style guns. They loved them! He them took them into the playground. I think it's such a fab idea to have a play area in the middle of the outlet so dads can take kids there and leave the moms alone to shop!! They do get in the way otherwise (the dads and the kids!).

We then had lunch and headed back home. We passed Rick and Cait on the road so she's definitely home now! I'm sure she's so glad to be home after being in the hospital since Sunday evening.

Since then we've had a lazy afternoon! It's good to be able to just chill and enjoy being together, even when you're not necessarily doing anything!

Nathaniel is sooooooo excited for tomorrow. He's been giddy thinking about it all week. You know why? Because it's the 1st of December and he can open the first door on his advent calendar!!! They have Transformer advent calendars this year filled with chocolate. To be a child again and be excited about such simple things.......


KarliSue said...

That sounds like such a fun day! It is so nice when you can have such a happy surprise.

Our boys sound so much a like. Power Ranger laser guns and Transformer Holiday Calendars. That sounds exactly like what my little guy would love.

I love that you are such a good bargin hunter. You are going to have to come to the states and we are going to go hit all the outlets or maybe I am going to have to come there and you can show me all the tricks of the trade.

Joanne Brown said...

hey Karli - if you ever do come to England you'll always have a place to stay :) that would be sooooo fun!!